Medication Management  Consultation

Medication Management Consultation

Our clinical pharmacist will sit down with you (and any family member) for 30 to 45 minutes to discuss all of your medications and supplements to make sure they are working well for you and as intended and to minimize side effects.
You would benefit from a Medication
Management Consultation if you are:

Taking multiple medications and wondering if you may have drug/drug interactions

Getting your medications and supplements from multiple locations
Wondering if your medications could be causing unnecessary side effects
Wanting you and your family to fully understand what medications you are taking
Interested in saving money on your medications
Interested in potentially decreasing the number of meds you take per day
Facing a new diagnosis and want to discuss your new medication therapy
Wanting to discuss ways to improve your quality of life
Consultations include:
Medication therapy review
Immunization status review
Discuss wellness and impact on quality of life

Discuss ways to simplify medication regimen

Develop medication-related action plan

Pharmacist initiated discussion with provider regarding any changes that are recommended

Documentation and follow-up

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment at 616 320-4001