Health Coaching

Medication is one piece of the puzzle that helps manage health outcomes and therefore does not always need to be the only way to regain your health. A health coach can help you look outside of your medication(s) to evaluate and improve other areas of your life so you can be healthier and feel better.

What is a Health Coach?

A health Coach helps you to discover how you can implement lasting change in your lifestyle to reach your wellness goals. 

How often should I meet with a Health Coach?

It really depends on your goals.  In the beginning, you may need to meet once per week to uncover your exact goals and create a blueprint for your lifestyle change.  Once you have clear goals and address possible obstacles to those goals, you may only need a monthly check-in to make sure you are on track. 

What should I expect in my initial appointment with a Health Coach?

A 30-minute initial appointment gives the health coach a chance to get to know you and what is currently stopping you from reaching your health goals.  You will be able to share what you hope to accomplish, and your health coach will be able to help you discover the steps to a successful plan towards reaching your goals. 

What a Health Coach does not do.

A health coach does not dictate what you should be doing to reach a healthy life.  A health coach will not tell you what you need to eat to lose weight, what exercise you have to do to improve your fitness or decide what restrictions you should put on your lifestyle. You know yourself best so a health coach takes your past successes and failures and helps you to navigate the lifestyle change that you want to make so that change is lasting.  Yes, there are certain actions you can do to increase your chances of successfully reaching your goal, but YOU decide what that goal is.


Free Introductory 15-minute session to determine if health coaching is right for you.

Initial Health Coaching Session $35

A 30-minute session with Shelley which covers desired lifestyle change, barriers, goal setting and action plan to move towards sustainable behavioral change.

Follow-up Sessions

  • Individual Sessions $15

If you aren’t sure how much accountability and coaching assistance you will need, you can pay per session.  This gives you the flexibility to schedule when you need to whether that is once a week or once a month. Sessions will last for 15 minutes.

  • Package Sessions $50/month

This package session allows for 4 weekly sessions per month lasting 15 minutes each.  

Call 616 320-4001 to schedule your free Introductory call with Shelley

shelly faber

Shelley Cloutier
Health Coach

Shelley has been a wellness advocate for 3 decades.  She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology in 1996.  With experience working both in corporate settings and smaller wellness centers, Shelley has empowered countless clients to adopt healthier lifestyles by addressing nutrition, fitness, sleep issues, stress reduction, and other key factors. Through personalized guidance and compassionate support, Shelley helps her clients overcome barriers and achieve lasting behavioral change.
We’ve teamed up with Truemed to give you the ability to find out if our health coaching is eligible for reimbursement from your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds.  You may be eligible to use pre-tax dollars, saving up to 40%. Click here for the FAQ’s